Best banned baby names of all time

Some of these really made us laugh. Very loudly

Picture the scene.

You’re at mother and baby group when you turn and ask the mum next to you what her little one is called.

And her answer…'Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.'

Well, not really. But had it not of been banned (in New Zealand) then maybe.

In fact, it seems thousands of babies across the land have been spared the embarrassment of ridiculous baby names thanks to a range of countries moving to ban outrageous names.  

The most recent was a French court saying no to the couple who wanted to call their little girl Nutella.

Apparently the judge thought it would be ‘contrary to the child's interest... [and could ] only lead to teasing or disparaging thoughts.’

However, that’s not the worst of the banned names from around the world. Here’s just some of our faves!

4Real, V8 and while we’re at it, Mafia were all rapper style names that were banned

Others included:

Yeah Detroit
Fish and Chips – For twins
Twisty Poi
 Keenan Got Lucy
Sex Fruit
Rolling Stone
Burger King

One that made our jaw’s drop? Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnck-ssqlbbllll6 - which is pronounced 'Albin’ – of course!

In other cases, parents appeared to have lost any inspiration wanting to call the latest addition to the family simply '2nd', '3rd' or '5th.

And the ones that made it...

Number 16 Bus Shelter – we assume the chavvier version of Brooklyn.
Midnight Chardonnay
Benson' and 'Hedges' – for twins.

Best banned baby names of all time