Helpful guide to choosing your baby’s middle name

Is there a meaning behind the choice? Or it just works with your baby’s first name? Some things to think about when choosing a middle name

Things to consider when choosing your baby’s middle name

Picking a middle name can be even tougher than picking the first name, these suggestions may help


Middle names can be a tricky business. You think you’ve done the hard work when you finally settle on a first name, but then it’s back to the drawing board.

There’s no reason why you have to give your baby a second name but it can be a good way of honouring a late relation or keeping an in-law on side if you ignored their suggestions so far! You may not want to call your child George, Thomas or William but these tend to make good solid middle name options.

On the other hand, you may have played it safe with the first name and want to let loose with the middle one. Just be careful - for example Natasha Edwina Rosemary Daly may sound fine but the acronym - NERD - may lead to some playground teasing! Say it out loud several times and write it down. Also Google it, to make sure there are no rude or inappropriate connotations. Remember it needs to something that a child can remember and write down themselves - they have a lifetime of form filling ahead of them. They may also choose to use their second name - or just the initial - in later life.

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Here’s our suggestions that might help.

Popular middle names for boys

1. William

2. George

3. Thomas

4. John 

5. James

6. David

7. Richard

8. Nicholas

9. Francis

10. Sebastian

Popular middle names for girls

1. Elizabeth

2. Rose

3. Alice

4. Grace

5. Charlotte

6. Alexandra

7. Jane

8. Ann(e)

9. Louise

10. Violet

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Helpful guide to choosing your baby’s middle name