Alternative Baby Name Spellings

Alternative Baby Name Spellings

After months of searching, deliberating and deciding, you’ve finally chosen a name for your baby only to find your neighbour/cousin/best friend’s sister have got in there before you and given their child the same name!

Perhaps you’re just after something a little more unique and unusual? Or maybe you like the sound of a name but hate the way it’s spelt?

Well we’re here to help. Something as simple as changing or adding a few letters can unleash a new found love for a name and add that personal touch.

Alternative spelling’s we’re already familiar with include:

However unconventional changes to the names have become more popular with parents thinking of creative ways for their child’s name to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve put together a list of alternative spelling’s based on 2015 trending names so far that will give a touch of individuality to an already trending name.

Girls Names

Amelia – Amelya, Amellia, Emelia

Emily - Emili, Emilee, Emileigh

Amelie – Ameley, Ameli, Amelee Ameleigh

Lily – Lilly, Lileigh, Lili, Lilee, Lilie

Ava – Avah

Ivy – Iveigh, Ivi, Ivee

Sophia- Sofia, Sophya

Poppy – Poppi, Poppie,

Rosie – Roseigh, Rosy, Rosi, Rosey

Leila – Laila, Lailah, Layla Leyla

Boys Names

Charlie - Charley, Charli, Charlee

Jack- Jak, Jaq

Finn – Fynn, Phinn

Rory – Roreigh, Rori, Roree

Alfie – Alfee, Alphee, Alfeigh

Freddie - Freddy, Freddi

Jacob - Jaycob, Jakob

Harry – Harreigh, Harri, Harrie

Thomas – Tomas

Henry – Henri, Hennry

If the name you‘re looking for isn’t listed there are some general rules of thumb that you can apply or play around with:

  • Add or remove consonants within the name, H is a good one for this e.g Mia - Miah & Joshua - Joshuah
  • Replace vowels with consonants, I with Y, S with Z and CK with X works well e.g Jackson – Jaxon & Corinne – Corryne        
  • Play around with names ending with an ‘E‘ sound, IEGH, I, EE, and EY,  are all popular replacement endings e.g Ruby- Rubee & Harley - Harleigh          

One thing to bear in mind however is the fact that an unusual spelling may lead to misspellings by others, it could get quite annoying for your child having to spell your name out endless times! It’s also worth considering why it is you want to change the spelling as this will add more meaning and help your child connect to the name later on in life.

Alternative Baby Name Spellings