What your baby name says about you

Which ever route you take with your preferred baby name choices, here’s what it says about you.

The name game: What your choice says about you

Here’s our fun way for you to find out what your baby name choice says about you.

what name says about you

Whatever you name your baby, someone has something to say about it, whether it’s to your face or behind your back, but really, it’s your choice, does it matter?

However, whichever road you have gone down on the name front, whether it’s the traditional name route, unusual name or down right out there, what does your choice say about you? Read on to find out…

The classic traditional choice

Some real old school classics are back with a bang and if you have made one of these choices for your baby you have a strong statement to make.

Names such as George, Edward or Arthur and Charlotte, Anna and Rose and are coming back far more and have survived the test of time. In choosing traditional, you are giving your child a name that does not put your child at risk of teasing in the playground over their name. You’ve not been influenced by originality pressures, but have chosen a solid, long-standing name that sees generations of children reinventing the names of their families into a new era. A fit for future choice.

The bo-ho modern choice

Name choices such as Louie, Finn, Elijah for boys or Nancy, Amelie and Darcie for girls, let’s everyone know you have a creative edge to you and won’t simply go with the safe option, but will keep within the boundaries of cool but safe. These names allow your little one to enter the playground and be liked by friends and peers without facing the playground battle of “that’s a weird name”. They will stand out just enough to not have four or five friends sharing their name, but won’t be that one child in the school with the name, that provokes reaction or eyebrow raising.

The ‘out there’ choice

If you’ve chosen a unique name for your baby boy such as Anakin (Darth Vader’s real name), Cash or Drake or for girls Hunter, Posy or Havana you’re making a strong statement about the kind of parent you are. Your little ones won’t be the conventional child that blends in with school crowd. You’re not a ‘follow the crowd’ family. Your little one will be the one to turn up to school with the snazziest rucksack or coolest that gets everyone’s attention and quite enjoys it. Wherever life takes them, their fabulous individual name will ensure your child remembered wherever they go but it may seem odd if they become a steady accountant or librarian.

The edgy designer choice

If your baby name can be found on this fashion inspired list of names You are a family that is inspired by the glitz, glamour art, fashion and music. You embrace originality while keeping a bit of class all the way. Boys’ names such or Chester, Miro, Hendrix or Hugo and girls’ names such as Dior, Coco, Paris, Paloma or Lyra all immerse you into that wonderful fashion world. You are aiming for the stars with your little ones, nothing is beyond their reach.

What your baby name says about you