Girls’ names set to disappear in 2018

Looking for a name that won’t be common in the playground but not too out there? Here’s our pick of names facing extinction in 2018

Girls’ names to save from extinction in 2018

Our pick of the names for girls that are falling from favour but could be worth reviving

Girls names set to disappear

We look at the girls’ names set to disappear altogether in 2018 and ask could it be time for a revival?

Classically traditional ‘old lady’ names Cecelia and Cecily are on their way to becoming extinct this year if not revived along with Sandra which admittedly not be an obvious one to revive without their being a strong and meaningful family connection to the name.

Even with popularity of the Kardashians today, the name Kourtney is heading for extinction alongside Mimi and Bonny. So how about ensuring that your little lady stands out from the crowd by saving one of these names from disappearing altogether.

  1. Cecelia
  2. Bridie
  3. Bonny
  4. Cecily
  5. Mimi
  6. Aubrie
  7. Mika
  8. Roxanne
  9. Alora 
  10. Kourtney

Girls’ names set to disappear in 2018