Hottest trends for baby boys’ names

Our pick of the trending boys’ names set to become popular in 2019

The very latest boys’ names trends

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Boys names to watch

Which unusual boys’ names are set to emerge as the latest trend names this year? We have scoured our list for the highest climbers in the last 6 months to predict which name trends will take off this year and next.

The Bounty Top 100 baby names list is compiled from the thousands of Bounty mums we meet on maternity wards across the UK ensuring that our list is the largest, most up to date and shows the latest trends in baby names.

‘Old men’ names with an edge continue to dominate but some lesser popular ones look likely to break through in the coming year including Sidney which is up 57 places to 200 and Frederick which is up 42 places to position 192.

Other names to watch out for in the coming year include River which is up 70 places to 179 and may be inspired by TV chef Jamie Oliver’s youngest son, River Rocket. 

Eden is also on the rise, up 91 places to position 180 and is likely to inspire some parents if they are a Chelsea football fans as their attacking midfielder is Belgium international player, Eden Hazard.

Irish name Cillian is rising in popularity up 49 places to 156, the name has become well known thanks to Irish actor Cillian Murphy’s popular role as Tommy Shelby in the cult TV series, Peaky Blinders.

Here’s our top 10 predictions for the very latest trend names for boys and their latest position in the charts.

  1. Eden 180
  2. Archer 177
  3. River 179
  4. Chester 115
  5. Sidney 200
  6. Cillian 156
  7. Xander 151
  8. Frederick 192
  9. Enzo 197
  10. Tristan 160

Hottest trends for baby boys’ names