Baby names dad would choose and mum would veto

The names dad would choose for their baby but mum would say an absolute certain veto

10 girls and boys baby names chosen by dad but vetoed by mum

Can be tough for both parents to agree on a name, here are some that can cause conflict


Choosing your baby’s name is a very personal thing for both parents. But being such a big decision it can sometimes lead to disagreements.

Coming up with a name you both agree on can be tough, but who gets the final say? And there are some names out there mum would definitely veto the second they came out of their partner’s mouth.

Fathers sometimes prefer strong, masculine names for boys and pretty, floral ones for girls whereas mothers are more likely to focus more on meaning.

So if they had their way, what would dads choose? Well, if dad is called Peter, he’d probably love to call his boy Peter Junior - especially if he comes from a long line of Peters - or even just a Junior. Men love carrying on the ‘family’ name, women tend not to be so keen, so may well veto.

And the football fanatic dads may like to bring inspiration from their beloved team when thinking about baby names, another common veto for mums. 

There was a case, reported in the news some time ago, of a dad in the UK who suggested the name Lanesra to his wife when their daughter was born. His wife agreed, thinking it was lovely and unusual - it was two years down the line before she realised that it’s Arsenal spelt backwards! If she had realised at the time, it could well have been a veto.

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Here is our top 10 boys and girls baby names we’re sure dad would choose and mum would almost definitely veto.


1. Lanesra (or any variation of a football team)

2. Cecilia

3. Marigold

4. Abigail 

5. Elizabeth

6. Daisy

7. Lucy

8. Simone

9. Bertha

10. Arabella


1. Junior

2. Ace 

3. Batman (or any other type of superhero)

4. Jagger

5. Tom

6. Peter

7. Otis

8. Chuck

9. Brando

10. Max

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Baby names dad would choose and mum would veto