Hottest trends for baby girls’ names

Our pick of the trending girls’ names set to become popular in 2019

The very latest girls’ names trends

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Girls names to watch

Which unusual girls’ names are set to emerge as the latest trend names for this year? We have scoured our list for the highest climbers in the last 6 months to predict which name trends will take off this year and next.

The Bounty Top 100 baby names list is compiled from the thousands of Bounty mums we meet on maternity wards across the UK ensuring that our list is the largest, most up to date and shows the latest trends in baby names.

Even more ‘old lady’ names are coming out the woodwork and set to continue the trend of edgy old-fashioned names. Mabel is up a staggering 65 places and Margot is up 64 with Olive on the rise by 39 places.

The name Belle made famous by the character in the classic tale Beauty and the Beast is a name to look out for in the coming year and is also up 45 places to 173.

Naomi is on track to become a trend name again decades after supermodel Naomi Campbell first inspired a revival of the name in the 1990s as it’s up 37 places to position 174.

Here’s our top 10 predictions for the very latest trend names for girls and their current position in the charts.

  1. River 175
  2. Nora 161
  3. Mabel 144
  4. Margot 192
  5. Nova 196
  6. Belle 173
  7. Emmie 166
  8. Harlow 187
  9. Olive 131
  10. Naomi 174

Hottest trends for baby girls’ names