Nicknames that also make great first names

Fallen in love with a nickname? Then why not use it as a full first name?

So, have you fallen in love with Lex or are you mad for Minnie but aren't as keen on the full-length version?

Don't strike them off your baby name list just yet, nicknames can still make fabulous full names. You just have to look at the on-going popularity of names like Charlie, Alfie, Evie and Milly to see that the 'nickname as first name' trend is here to stay.


To give you some inspiration, we've compiled a list of 20 nicknames that also make great first full names.


  1. Dex (Dexter)
  2. Abe (Abraham)
  3. Bertie (Albert)
  4. Eli (Elliott / Elijah)
  5. Billy (William)
  6. Nate (Nathan)
  7. Rafe (Rafferty)
  8. Ned (Edward / Edmund)
  9. Ash (Ashley)
  10. Cal (Callum / Calvin)


  1. Bea (Beatrice)
  2. Edie (Edith)
  3. Aggie (Agatha)
  4. Dot (Dorothy)
  5. Emme (Emmeline)
  6. Kitty (Katherine / Kathleen)
  7. Lottie (Charlotte)
  8. Nell or Nellie (Eleanor / Penelope)
  9. Tess (Theresa / Esther)
  10. Izzy (Isabelle / Isabella)

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