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Retro baby name ideas

Baby name trends change every year, and some names disappear forever…here are some that almost slipped through the net

Retro baby name ideas

The names that are back from the brink

Retro baby name ideas

  • The names that almost got away

Names saved from extinction

Baby names certainly do the rounds, and trends of old traditional names come into favour, but just as quickly fall from favour.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 boys and girls name that have been saved from the brink of extinction this year.

Hazel is one of the girls names saved from extinction and this could be due to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski naming their daughter Hazel last year. And Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive could be the reason the name is returning from the brink.

See the list of the top 10 boys and girls names set to be saved from extinction this year.


1. Bertie

2. Francis

3. Barnaby

4. Calvin

5. Alfred

6. Eric

7. Frank

8. Lenny

9. Rory

10. Ralph


1. Hattie

2. Ellen

3. Erica

4. Hazel

5. Jemima

6. Ada

7. Annabell

8. Louisa

9. Pearl

10. Olive

Retro baby name ideas

  • The names that almost got away

Retro baby name ideas