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Boys and girls names almost extinct revealed

It’s not just Gary, other names are set to disappear too, take a look

Extinct baby names 2016

The names set to join Gary in extinction by next year revealed

Extinct baby names 2016

  • Read on for the names you may be hearing for the last time

Names near extinct

Whilst Scott Bachelor and Katie Hilton called their baby Gary in March this year to stop the ‘unfashionable name’ from becoming extinct, we reveal what other monikers (even less popular than Gary) that are set to be phased out in 2016.

Rodney, Derek, Donald and Ian were yesterday revealed as some names which could well be extinct by next year.

The monikers Derek and Rodney gained worldwide fame as the characters played by David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst in classic BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

But like the much-loved TV show, it won't be long before the names disappear forever.

Other classic names, such as Ian, like football commentator Ian Wright, Darren as in actor Darren Day, and Terry as in Terry Wogan are also fading fast.

In fact while just 21 babies were named Ian this year, only nine were called Derek, and just two were called Rodney.

And if you're looking for inspiration, we've suggested baby names worth bringing back from the brink of extinction.


1. Ian (Ian Wright, Ian Botham)

2. Darren (Darren Day!)

3. Gregory (Gregory Peck)

4. Terry (Terry Wogan)

5. Daryl/Darryl (Daryl Dixon – fictional Walking Dead character – may save the name from extinction!)

6. Graham (Norton)

7. Donald (Trump – or Duck!)

8. Russell (Brand)

9. Derek (Trotter)

10. Rodney (Trotter)


1. Helen (Mirren)

2. Claire (Sweeney)

3. Tina (Turner)

4. Joanne (Pavey – long distance Olympian)

5. Kelly (Brooke)

6. Sally (Webster)

7. Karen (Brady)

8. Susan (Boyle)

9. Dawn (French)

10. Janet (Street Porter or Jackson)

Extinct baby names 2016

  • Read on for the names you may be hearing for the last time

Boys and girls names almost extinct revealed