Boys’ name predictions

Our pick of the boys’ names set to increase in popularity over the next year

Trends and predictions for boys’ names

Which boys’ names might be filling the playground in a few years? Bounty is the most reliable, up-to-date place to look for clues

Trend names for boys

We take a look at which boys’ names are heading towards ‘on trend’ status in the next year. We scoured our list for the highest climbers over the last 12 months we can predict which name trends are set to take off.

The Bounty Top 100 boys' baby names list is compiled from the thousands of Bounty mums' we meet on maternity wards across the UK ensuring that our list is the largest, most up to date and shows the latest trends in baby names.

Once again, surnames used as first names continues to be a popular trend for boys’ names. Hunter is once again storming up with the charts up a whopping 37 places to position 29. Other surnames such as Ezra (notably down to singer/songwriter George Ezra) and Grayson are also up in popularity - up 22 and 18 places respectively to position 66 and 75.

The Peaky Blinders also appear to be starting a trend in boys’ names with key character names, Tommy  and Finn storming up the charts by 14 places and 16 places respectively - now making Tommy the 33rd most popular name given to boys and Finn being the 67th most popular name given to boys.

Here’s our full list of predictions for this year’s trend names for boys and their current position in the Top 100.

  1. Hunter 29
  2. Ezra 66
  3. Grayson 75
  4. Finn 67
  5. Reuben 49
  6. Tommy 33
  7. Roman 61
  8. Albert 72
  9. Theodore 60
  10. Albie 45

Whilst they are yet to break into the Top 100, here is our list of boys’ names (and the number of places they have gone up in the past year) to watch out for. Each are showing signs of begin strong trend names over the next decade and all have shot up over 40 places in the last 12 months.

  1. Cassius 157
  2. Colby 130
  3. Mateo 110
  4. Ernie 95
  5. Koby 94
  6. Zion 93
  7. Yahya 88
  8. Eden 83
  9. Chester 79
  10. Asher 78
  11. River 75
  12. Zain 70
  13. Musa 71
  14. Julian 68
  15. Archer 65
  16. Keegan 68
  17. Remy 63
  18. Axel 60
  19. Lennon 51
  20. Elias 50

Boys’ name predictions