Boys’ names set to disappear

If you want a name that won’t be common in the playground but isn’t too out there, take a look at this list of boys’ names facing extinction over the next year

Boys’ names to save from extinction

Our pick of boys’ names that are falling from favour but could be worth reviving

Boys names set to disappear

We take a look at the boys’ names set to disappear altogether and ask could it be time for a revival?

International inspired names are set to disappear in the next year including Stefano, Claude and Nikos.

Marlon, no doubt inspired by legendary actor Marlon Brando, is set to disappear altogether along with boys’ named Bart - which was once a popular choice inspired by comedy character Bart Simpson from The Simpsons.

Here are our top 10 names that could be worth reviving as they also give you the option of an uncommon name that is unlikely to be heard a lot in the playground today. 

  1. Denzil 
  2. Marlon 
  3. Brent 
  4. Stefano 
  5. Cassidy 
  6. Claude 
  7. Nikos 
  8. Cedric 
  9. Bart 
  10. Kenton

Boys’ names set to disappear