Sound like your first 12 weeks pregnant?

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy take some adjusting to, here’s some things that may sound familiar

10 things that may happen in your first 12 weeks of pregnancy

Not to be found in books, these are the things no one really tells you

Now you’re pregnant

  • …this could be what’s coming…

Woman feeling sick leaning over toilet

Ah, so you’ve found out your pregnant, peed on the stick and those two blue lines have appeared. So exciting! But are you prepared for what you may face in the next few weeks of pregnancy? And if you've had your baby, do any of the below sound familiar?

Although many will tell you they glowed in the early months, the reality for many is quite different.

Here are 10 things about the first 12 weeks of pregnancy it’s worth knowing…just in case!

1. Hypochondria may take over

Every twinge, headache or trapped wind will have you in full blown panic mode that something is wrong with you and you debate whether it’s quicker to get a lift to the hospital or wait for an ambulance.

2. The skin of a teenager

Yep, you could wake up one morning and your face may resemble the acne teenage stage you had spent the past 10 years blotting out of your mind. It won’t last. It’s those hormones to blame! 

3. Morning sickness is badly named

Don’t be under any disillusions that come midday all sickness and nausea will miraculously disappear until the next day. Whoever came up with the name morning sickness clearly had an easy run of it!

4. A very new meaning of a late night

A few months back your idea of a late night would probably have involved some alcohol, perhaps a little dance and hearing birds singing as you finally hit the sack. Now, a late night is trying to keep your eyes open through the last credits of EastEnders and wondering why they need to put a soap on so late at night, wait what? Oh yes, it’s only 8pm.

5. You understand the word ‘HANGRY’

This may have seemed a bizarre term before you were pregnant but now being so hungry that it makes you angry, makes perfect sense. And you can switch from your normal self to hangry in a matter of minutes.

6. You’ll go through the ‘has she put on weight or is she pregnant stage’

That time in the first 12 weeks when you are definitely on your way to getting a bump but it’s not quite formed yet. You feel you have to explain to everyone you meet that you haven’t eaten all the pies, but can’t tell them why you’ve put on weight.

7. The alcohol realisation

At some point in your first 12 weeks of pregnancy you may soberly look at all your friends having a few drinks and realise it may feel a long time before you can enjoy a glass of wine with them again, and they definitely seemed a funnier bunch when you were drinking with them!

8. You pretend to join in

Pouring a caffeine free coke to join in with your friends while pretending you already put the vodka in to throw them off the scent of asking if you’re pregnant.

9. Decaf has nothing on caf

Switching to decaf coffee is not a good switch, there really is no comparison.

10. Hibernation is so appealing

You suddenly have a new found understanding of why animals hibernate in the winter, what a great idea.

Now you’re pregnant

  • …this could be what’s coming…

Sound like your first 12 weeks pregnant?