My first 'I'm pregnant' thoughts

Finish this sentence, 'when I saw that positive blue line…

First thoughts of a pregnant woman

Recognise any of these first thoughts when you saw that positive test

I’m pregnant…

  • Will I ever enjoy a holiday again?
  • Will my baby be naughty like I was?

Woman looking at a positive pregnancy test

You know something’s a little different, period a little late, a bit more emotional when watching EastEnders than usual and even sore boobs, it’s time to reach for that pregnancy test.

And there it is…that tell-tale blue line…

So, it’s official, you’re pregnant. What are the first things that go through your mind? Any of these perhaps….

1. Is it definitely positive?

As much as you trust your eye sight, bet you take a second or third look, and possibly take a second test, just to be sure.

2. Gulp. I’m really having a baby!

That moment when reality sets in, this is actually real, I’m having a baby.

3. OMG how will it ever come out of there?!

You know the score, you know where babies come from, but that second you realise a person is going to come out of you can literally send shivers down your spine.

4. I’m finally going to have big boobs!

Yes, finally, you look down, think they’ve grown a bit already…happy days! Or if you're naturally big chested: 'oh no, they're going to get even bigger.'

5. I feel sick

Probably not morning sickness at this stage, may be more the reality of the life changing position you’ve just found out about.

6. I can’t drink alcohol for at least 9 months

Wow, now this really is life changing…ooh, but I can eat cake!

7. Is karma going to bite me back?

The sudden memory flashes of what your parents told you about how difficult a baby you were and how stubborn a toddler…is it payback time?

8. I can't even look after a hanging basket

How will I look after a baby?

9. Will I ever have a relaxing holiday again?

Running after kids, sleepless nights, baby screaming in restaurants, not quite the holidays I’m used to.

10. OMG I’m having a baby!

Yep, this one will creep up on you a few times yet!

On a serious note worries about miscarriage are also a common first thought. Miscarriage is sadly very common, with around 20 per cent of confirmed pregnancies failing. No matter how often it might occur statistically, it is a personal and heart-breaking loss. Most miscarriages happen before the 12th week of pregnancy. Early miscarriages are usually due to a complication with the development of the embryo and are totally unpreventable. It is highly unlikely that anything you have done in the course of your pregnancy will have caused it, or that you could have done anything to stop it. If you have experience of miscarriage, Tommy's the baby charity can offer you practical and emotional help.

I’m pregnant…

  • Will I ever enjoy a holiday again?
  • Will my baby be naughty like I was?

My first 'I'm pregnant' thoughts