Quiz: Am I pregnant?

Take our pregnancy quiz to find out if you could be expecting

Am I pregnant? Answer these questions to find out

Take this quiz to find out if you are pregnant

Could you be pregnant? Is it a little early to test? If you answer yes to most of the questions below you could be getting that positive blue line on a pregnancy test very soon.

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1. Have you had sex since your last period ended?

An important one, as if not, there’s no chance you could be pregnant.

2. Have you stopped using contraception?

If you are still using contraception there is much less chance you could be pregnant, but of course, it’s not impossible.

3. Is my contraception effective?

Some contraception is more effective than others. It’s important to follow the instructions to the letter of your contraception to ensure it’s as effective as possible. The only contraception options that have ‘no user failure’ chances are the implant, injection, IUS (intrauterine system) and IUD (intrauterine device, or coil).

It’s important to remember however, no contraception is 100% reliable.

4. Are your periods regular?

If you usually have a regular period, it means you have a regular cycle which gives you a good chance of conceiving. Irregular cycles mean that you ovulate at different times of the month so this can affect your chances of knowing when you’re most fertile.

5. Did you have sex during your fertile days?

Having sex every other day improves your chances of getting pregnant in your ‘fertile window’ but every even day is even better.

6. Have you noticed your boobs seem more sensitive?

Breast tenderness is a common early sign of pregnancy and is something you usually notice before the start of your period.  

7. Are you going to the loo more often?

If you’ve noticed you need to pee more often than usual, this can also be an early sign of pregnancy.

8. Are you feeling/being sick?

OK, well sickness is an early sign of pregnancy.

9. Is your period late?

If your period hasn’t arrived when expected, a late period can be a clear sign of pregnancy.

I answered mostly yes, am I pregnant?

If you answered mostly yes to the above questions, there are some signs to suggest you are pregnant. To be sure, take a home pregnancy test but be sure to follow the instructions on when is best to take the test for the best result.

I answered mostly no, am I pregnant?

If you answered mostly no to the above questions, there aren’t sufficient signs at the moment to suggest you are pregnant. But it is still worth taking a home pregnancy test to confirm.

Quiz: Am I pregnant?