Want to keep your pregnancy quiet? Here's how...

Helpful cheats to help you keep your pregnancy quiet for longer

How to hide your pregnancy for longer

Tips to help you keep your pregnancy a secret for longer

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You know the score. You’re pregnant and you’re thrilled, but you don’t want to announce it to the world just yet. 

Even if you’re past the 12-week stage, you may want to keep quiet for now - and that is your prerogative. There’s no rule book on when to announced. However, even if your bump isn’t showing, there are other signs that may give you away, so here are a few ways to ‘keep mum’ about being a mum-to-be for a little longer. 

1. Your appetite may well increase. Divide up larger portions of food into separate lunch boxes when you’re at work - your nosey co-worker will smell a rat if you’re eating like a horse rather than your usual pigeon-sized offerings.

2. Giving up alcohol is another tell-tale sign, especially if you’re generally considered a party girl. If you’re on a night out, disguise a non-alcoholic beverage with a slice of lemon or lime. A tonic can look just like a G&T. If that doesn’t work, just say you felt like driving or are on antibiotics. 

3. Don’t feel obliged to ditch your morning coffee. Go decaff, nobody (except you) will notice.

4. Just be honest (sort of) by saying you’ve indulged in too many chocolates/cakes/pies lately and have put some weight on. 

5. Buy clothes a size larger - you’ll need to anyway as it’ll be a while before you need maternity gear! Camouflage your burgeoning bump with layers and floaty tops. Or wear dark clothing - great to disguise a fuller figure. Remember, the boobs can get bigger as well so they may need to be camouflaged too!

6. Accessorise with an oversized bag - they do this on soap operas! They also stand behind things like tables and computers in TV scenes but this may not be as practical in real life!

7. Don’t stop working out - gentle exercise is good as long as you listen to your body and unless your doctor has told you otherwise. And the less weight you put on in the early days, the easier it will be to lose it later.

8. Treat yourself to a makeover or a new hairdo - everyone will be so busy admiring it that they won’t notice the extra pounds.

Want to keep your pregnancy quiet? Here's how...