5 different signs you may be pregnant

Forget the usual signs, what else could show you you may be pregnant?

Unusual signs you may be pregnant

We’ve all heard sore boobs, missed period, but what other signs may show you’re pregnant?

Woman crying watching TV

The obvious sign you may be pregnant is of course missing a period. Many women complain of sore boobs in the early stages of pregnancy but there are a number of unusual signs that could indicate you are pregnant. Can you recognise any of these?

1. The mere thought of chocolate makes you heave

Now come on, you know a reaction to something you love like chocolate must indicate something is different.

2. The toilet seat is your most used seat in the house

You find yourself in and out of the toilet so much, you realise you sit there more than you do anywhere else in the house.

3. Snack creations

You pop into the kitchen to create yourself a snack and find yourself adding mayonnaise to your ice cream….and loving it!

4. Sobbing at adverts

An advert will come on the TV for the RSPCA and you will find yourself sobbing at the poor neglected dog.

5. Windy times

Never have you thought of yourself as suffering with wind, but you are starting to find it impossible to control wind leaving your body. 

5 different signs you may be pregnant