Are you ready to announce that you’re pregnant?

5 ways to tell if you’re ready to announce your pregnancy

So, you’ve done the hard part, you’re pregnant.

Now you want to tell people but are you ready to announce your pregnancy and who do you tell and when? Here are 5 ways to tell

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Yay! You’re pregnant. Do you keep it to yourself (like new mum Cheryl Cole who kept everyone guessing) or share the happy news immediately after you pee on a stick because you want your nearest and dearest to be as excited as you are?

Many parents-to-be like to wait to absorb the news before telling the rest of the world - or even their extended families and friends - but everyone’s different so do what you feel is right. You will know when the time is right.

Just make sure you are ready to share – even when pregnancies are much planned and a baby is so wanted, it can involves a rollercoaster of emotions. Take the time to get your own head around the idea before letting everyone else in. Those early stages of pregnancy are special and it’s a time to savour.

How do I know if I’m ready to make the announcement?

So how do you know when you are ready to make the announcement? Here are some pointers.

1. You’ve had the scan: You may have had many early pregnancy symptoms but the 12-week scan makes it all seem, well, real. You’ve seen the head, the toes, the arms and legs. In six months’ time there’ll be a baby to love and cherish - so why not start to tell everyone now? Plus, you can post a picture of the scan on social media if you don’t feel like making hundreds of phone calls and let the news spread that way.

2. Family ties: Families like to be kept in the loop - and usually before everyone else! If you’ve decided to let them know, then it can feel like the right time to share the news with friends as well.

3. Starting to show: Keeping quiet is all very well but if a little bump is starting to make an appearance - and they often do - then your condition won’t be a secret for long. If people are starting to guess, then maybe you feel you should get in there first. Or maybe you don’t mind people thinking you’ve put on weight...

4. Attention to me: You’re experiencing all the joys of early pregnancy symptoms- nausea, tiredness, sore boobs and headaches - and you’re frankly tired of keeping them to you yourself. So rather than fudge and fib about how you’re feeling when you’re told you look tired, or pale, you decide now is time to tell the truth. Why not get a bit of attention, empathy and TLC - you’ve earned it!

5. Sharing is caring: One of the reasons you may feel ready to announce your pregnancy to close family and friends is if anything were to happen, you know you would want their understanding and support. Sadly early miscarriage symptoms can be common and losing a baby at any point can be difficult – especially without those you rely on for love and support being aware of what you’re going through.

So, as well as there being reasons why you’d wait to reveal your pregnancy, there’s also reasons why you shouldn’t wait

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