Cute, creative pregnancy announcements

Creative ways to share your pregnancy news

Announcing ideas for your pregnancy

Creative, cute ways to announce your pregnancy to family, friends and baby’s dad!

From the day you get that positive pregnancy test, you may already be wondering how you are going to go about announcing the exciting news when the time comes. For baby’s dad that day will come sooner but telling other people, it doesn’t hurt to start planning early, that way you have time to get those creative juices flowing and can make an announcement that will be memorable.

1. Say it with your scan/pregnancy test

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To announce the news to your friends a photo of your scan photo placed on your tummy with your hands in a heart shape round the image is sure to get their attention! Likewise a photo of your pregnancy test sent to your partner is sure to get him to call you back quick!

2. Say it with a card

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Send a photo card announcing your news with a funny or cute photo idea – the internet is awash of inspiration. If you really want to do something different, give those closest to you a ‘save the date’ card but instead of a wedding date, have your baby’s due date as the date.

3. Telling the grandparents

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Particularly for first time grandparents, surprise them by wrapping a small ‘grandma and grandads’ gift – like a mug, or an ‘I love nanny’ baby bib. That should give them a clue and a magical surprise!

4. Telling your sister or BFF

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One mum told her sister by giving her a box of tampons. When she said ‘why’ she declared ‘I won’t be needing them’.

5. Board games

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If you’ve got the patience, how about announcing the news in a game of Scrabble! See how long it takes your partner to notice. Or if he’s too caught up in the game to realise!

Cute, creative pregnancy announcements