Early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period

What pregnancy symptoms could I have before missing a period?

I’ve not missed a period yet, but do I have pregnancy symptoms?

Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms before missing a period?

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Missing a period is usually the biggest clue we look for to confirm a pregnancy but if you have an irregular cycle it is not always so straightforward. Sometimes you are just impatient to know but you don’t want to take a test yet in case it’s too early.

What early pregnancy symptoms might I experience before a missed period?

Although not every mum-to-be will find them a factor, these symptoms (some of which can also be associated with being pre-menstral) could also indicate an early pregnancy before a missed period:

1. Sore boobs: Your breasts may feel different from the offset. Some women find their nipples are more sensitive or their breasts ache a little, or seem fuller than normal. For others this feeling doesn’t occur until later in pregnancy. Some women find an increase in superficial veins over the breasts or tiny nodules appearing in the areola, around the nipple.

2. The need to pee: The frequent need to go to the loo is due to pressure from the enlarging uterus on the bladder and some women experience this from very early on in their pregnancy. It usually wears off during the second trimester only to return again with a vengeance towards the final weeks when it can feel like baby is using your bladder as a football.

3. Feeling tired: Weariness is a common early symptom. Some women feel totally drained almost immediately. This usually eases after 12 weeks - often referred to as the ‘blooming’ phase.

4. Sickness: Nausea and vomiting tend to be dominant in the first trimester and sometimes, due to hormonal changes you can be thrown right into the deep end with a feeling of sickness even before a missed period.

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5. Change in tastes: Soon after finding out they're pregnant, some women immediately go off something - eg. tea, coffee, alcohol - before they even know they’re pregnant. Even certain smells can prompt a feeling of a metallic taste in the mouth. This could be a sign that our body is simply telling us we do not need it! On the other side of the coin, some mums-to-be get very early cravings which is another indicator of pregnancy.

6. Vaginal discharge: An increase in white or clear discharge is common in early pregnancy. If it becomes coloured or smelly, tell your GP.

7. Headaches: Along with feeling tired, headaches can seem like there are there from the offset but they usually ease off as your pregnancy progresses.

8. Constipation: Another lovely side-effect that many women notice early on. To prevent this make sure you drink lots of water.

Early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period