The good pregnancy symptoms

Many pregnancy symptoms are endured rather than enjoyed like morning sickness and needing the loo more often, but here we look at the bonus pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms you may enjoy rather than endure

Not all pregnancy symptoms are bad, some of these you may actually like

Pregnant woman looking in mirror

When you hear pregnancy symptoms, you’ll probably think of morning sickness, going to the loo more often, cramping, back pain, pregnancy insomnia to name but a few, but there are some symptoms of pregnancy you may actually like.

1. Radiant skin

Particularly in your second trimester many women experience that ‘pregnancy glow’ that can be seen in your skin. Thanks to those pregnancy hormones, your face can take on a natural glow giving you a natural, healthy look with no need to grab that blusher brush for the next few months.

2. Bigger boobs

This is a favourite amongst women with smaller boobs who get to enjoy the benefit of going up a couple of cup sizes in their pregnancy. A chance to try out those lower cut tops you might not usually wear!

3. Healthier, thicker hair

Some pregnant women say they notice their hair looks healthier with a natural shine that isn’t usually there and even feels and looks thicker than pre-pregnancy. Some also notice it grows quicker too so may be a good opportunity to have that more daring style!

4. Stronger nails

If your nails are normally weak, you may notice that they are stronger with the pregnancy hormones in your system and may even grow quicker, so get to the nail salon and treat yourself!

5. Period free

This is certainly a plus side of pregnancy, not having to worry about having a period every month.

6. Better sex

For some women, sex can be better than pre-pregnancy as their senses (down below) are heightened making orgasms even better!

The good pregnancy symptoms