Baby names facing extinction in 2017

Any of these names worth resurrecting for their uniqueness?

Baby names losing popularity in 2017

Which names are set to disappear in 2017? Read on...

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Nowadays a name that at first sounds unusual can quickly trigger a baby name trend that sees it rise to fame. The reality for some is that by the time your child starts school their once uncommon name has become pretty commonplace in the classroom.  It’s also sometimes the case that just like stardom, as quickly as a name rises to fame, it can easily fall out of favour just as quick.

Resurrecting a name from the brink of extinction, perhaps as tribute to a family member, is a more unusual way to guarantee their uniqueness these days, but for most people their own parents’ names seem a little odd for a baby. Here we take a look at 10 boys and girls names which are on the brink of extinction in 2017 to give you a little ‘namespiration’ for your little one.


1. Briony
2. Eloisa
3. Laurel
4. Marianne
5. Tina
6. Susie
7. June
8. Nadine
9. Roberta
10. Joyce


1. Brett
2. Gordon
3. Jeffrey
4. Kelvin
5. Russell
6. Morris 
7. Stuart
8. Shawn
9. Griff
10. Glyn 

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Baby names facing extinction in 2017