Top boys names predictions for 2015

We make our predictions for popular boys names in 2015

Top Boys Names Predictions for 2015

Jack, Oliver, Charlie, Alfie and Jacob were all popular boys names in 2014, but what can we expect to see topping the list in 2015? We took a look back at 2014’s most notable films, books, musicians and celebrities to inspire our predictions for 2015’s top names.

A name fit for a Prince

The naming of Prince George in 2012 led to an increase in popularity for royal names including William and Harry, so it’s probably safe to assume the arrival of another little prince would lead to a surge in popularity for royal related boys names this year.

The sex of the baby won’t be revealed until the birth, but if it is another boy for Kate and Wills, the following names could be likely candidates:

  1. James
  2. Arthur
  3. Henry
  4. Philip
  5. Frances

Boyhood inspiration

The box office and Oscar winning hit of last year followed the journey from boy to man and with the success of Boyhood across the world, it’s likely we’ll see an increase in the popularity for names including Mason, Ethan, and possibly even Ellar.

2014 saw the release of teen action film Divergence, so don’t be too surprised to meet a few Theos, Calebs, Tobias’ (or Tobys). Last year also saw the release of another Hunger Games film, further inspiring boys names including Peeta (or perhaps just Peter), Joshua, Liam, Gale and Alexander.

Another hit of 2014 was The Grand Budapest Hotel which brought with it the opportunity for names such as Ralph, Bill, Wes, Adrian and Jason to see an increase in popularity in 2015.

Boys names to bring music to your ears

There were a slew of male musicians topping the charts in 2014 and off the back of this we predict some of these boys names could be topping the charts in 2015:

  1. Ed (Sheeran)
  2. George (Ezra)
  3. Calvin (Harris)
  4. Sam (Smith)
  5. Adam (Levine)

In the wider celebrity space there’s a mixture of popular celebs with both unusual and traditional names ready to inspire in 2015:

  1. Benedict (Cumberbatch)
  2. Zac (Efron)
  3. Ryan (Gosling)
  4. Hugh (Jackman)
  5. Chris (Hemsworth)
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Top boys names predictions for 2015