Top girls names predictions for 2015

We make our predictions for popular girls names in 2015

Top Girls Names Predictions for 2015

Amelia, Olivia, Emily, Isla and Ava were 2014’s most popular girls’ names, but what is set to top the name charts in 2015? We took a look back at 2014’s most notable films, books, musicians and celebrities to inspire our predictions for 2015’s top names.

Royal babies rule the land

Following the birth of Prince George in 2012 royal names such as George, Henry and Harry saw a surge in popularity, so it’s fair to assume the birth of royal baby number two is likely to have a dramatic impact on 2015’s top baby name list.

Though William and Kate haven’t revealed the sex of the baby, the royal tot (due in April 2015) is hotly tipped to be a princess by bookies.

Likely names for royal baby number two could be:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Victoria
  4. Alexandra
  5. Alice

50 shades of names

With the long awaited 50 Shades of Grey film out in February 2015, we can expect to see an increase in popularity for names including Anastasia and Kate throughout 2015. Secondary characters include Anastasia’s daughter (Phoebe), niece (Ava), sister-in-law (Mia) and mother (Carla), these could all see a rise in popularity.

On the Disney front, Frozen’s sequel (Frozen Fever) is coming to our screens in early 2015, so get ready to meet baby Elsas and Annas. Also released by Disney in 2015 is Descendants, following the story of Beast and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, with guest appearances from Mulan, Queen Aurora, Princess Jasmin and even Cruella De Vil (though we’re not expecting to see that one on the top girls names list!)

Other cinematic-inspired names you might see topping the charts in 2015:

  1. Katniss, Cressida and Effie – The Hunger Games
  2. Amy, Margo and Noelle – Gone Girl
  3. Hazel and Frannie – The Fault in our Stars

I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name

Whether pop is your cup of tea or you prefer to rock out to Metallica, we’re sure you’ll agree some powerful women have topped the charts lately. Musician inspired names we predict to be favoured in 2015 include:

  1. Taylor (Swift)
  2. Ellie (Goulding)
  3. Ariana (Grande)
  4. Paloma (Faith)
  5. Ella (Henderson)

Meanwhile, in the celebrity space, unusual names are likely to be in-favour such as:

  1. Blake (Lively)
  2. North (West)
  3. Cara (Delevingne)
  4. Una (Healy/Foden)
  5. Millie (Macintosh)

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Top girls names predictions for 2015