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Parents with two children under three, can you relate?

You’ve done it once, how hard can a second child be?

Things only parents of two children under three will understand

Time for baby number two? The minute your little one hits two, this is all you will hear

Got 2 children under 3? Read on…

  • Can you relate to any of these?

Mum with toddler and newborn

Your little one may be enjoying his second birthday, but all anyone wants to know from you is if you are pregnant with baby number two yet.

So your mind ticks over, ah I’ve done it once, how hard can one more baby be? Read on…

If you are a parent of two children under three you may well relate to the below…

1. Compulsory purchase for baby number 1: ‘I’m a big brother/sister t-shirt

Too cute a photo opportunity to miss, so you put the t-shirt on baby number and snap away till you have over 100 pictures of your two babies, and fingers crossed one shot has baby number one smiling and baby number two not crying.

2. Guilt of not doing as much with baby number two

Every so often, your heart sinks as you think back to how many baby yoga, swimming and baby massage sessions you took baby number one to and so far with baby number two, you are too focussed on how to get a toddler and a baby out the house, never mind get anywhere for a certain time.

3. Getting out the house takes forever

The planning, organisation, and obligatory waiting for baby number one to put his own shoes on, is exhausting and takes most of the day, so by the time you are actually all out of the house, you’re too exhausted to go anywhere.

4. Grandparents seem less ‘available’ for babysitting duties

Hmmm…can’t think why…..

5. CBeebies becomes your best friend

When baby number one was younger, CBeebies was allowed on for a few minutes a day, now you are so thankful to the channel for occupying baby number one long enough for you to feed or change baby number two.

6. Weaning from scratch? Er…not so much

You were adamant baby number one would only eat weaning food prepared from scratch with all organic ingredients. Baby number two:  Where are those pouches?

Got 2 children under 3? Read on…

  • Can you relate to any of these?

Parents with two children under three, can you relate?