The meaning of ‘tragic’ to a parent

These things can feel like a full blown tragedy to parents…

A tragedy: From a parent’s perspective

Not the usual use of the word tragedy, but these things can feel tragic for parents

toddler asleep on sofa

Tragedy will normally be defined by a devastating plane crash or an innocent person murdered, and rightly so. As a parent of young children you’d be forgiven for occasionally getting caught up in your own little world of life as a mum and your version of tragedy may waiver from the norm.

So a mum’s idea of tragic events may consist of some of the following:

1. The artwork error

Whilst on a cleaning up frenzy you accidently bin the latest artist masterpiece your 3-year-old has created…but 5 minutes later, your 3-year-old sees it in the bin…run for cover!

2. Wrong time to sleep

Tragedy for a parent can be when your toddler falls asleep at 4pm, or during dinner, you know it’s going to be a very long night.

3. iPad battery

That awful moment your toddler cries that the battery has died on the iPad and you’re only 10 minutes into a 4 hour car journey.

4. When the clocks go forward

When the clocks go forward in spring, not only do you lose a precious hour’s sleep, you know for the next few months, 4am daylight will spell the start of your little one’s day, and therefore yours too.

5. Bye bye nap time

That awful realisation that your toddler no longer needs a daily nap, meaning you lose that one special quiet hour of the day.

6. Where’s the coffee?

As you’re baby has decided that 5am is a good time to start the day, you know only coffee will get you through, then you realise…you’re out of coffee. 

The meaning of ‘tragic’ to a parent