What makes you say, ‘no’ to your little ones?

We do all we can for our kids, but what limits do you have that makes you say that’s a step to far?

5 things I WON’T do for my kids

Any of these make you say no to your little ones?

Pushing parents…

  • …that bit too far

Toddler holding on to mums legs crying

Looking after our children is our job as parents, of course. Feeding them, clothing them, making sure they learn right from wrong, helping them feel loved, safe and secure. But what actually constitutes looking after them and what crosses the line to over indulging and just plain spoiling them?

Here are a few deal breakers for us, what makes you draw the line and say enough? 

1. When there’s a whine there’s no win

If little ones choose to whinge and whine in an attempt to get what they want, this is an important opportunity to stand your ground and refuse to give in (however loud and annoying the whinging gets.)

2. Cook more than one meal

If you make the mistake of asking each child what they want for dinner, you’re more than likely to get more than one answer. You know what your little ones will and won’t eat and really don’t like, so stay strong and decide what you are cooking for dinner and you’ll find they’ll all eat when they’re hungry!

3. The big screen debate

It’s so much bigger than just letting the kids veg in front of the TV for hours on end now with tablets being part of everyday life, they can often move from one screen to another these days. Have your limit set in your mind, and when the time is coming up, give them plenty of warning and have another idea of something to do ready to go!

4. Replacing broken toys

When toys get broken, (usually caused by overzealous toddlers chucking them around) and the tears begin to flow, it may seem the easier option to run out and buy them a replacement. This can lead them to believe that toys are instantly replaceable and no particular care needs taking. Holding off till a birthday or Christmas can help them learn to appreciate what they have.

5. Look for everything they lose

It’s like it's in our DNA as parents that little ones say ‘I can’t find ….’ And we jump up and go on an epic hunt to reunite our children with the lost item of the day. In a way to teach them to look after things, maybe it’s time we set them off on a little hunt themselves, think how chuffed they’ll be if they find it and be prepared for the tears if they don’t!

Pushing parents…

  • …that bit too far

What makes you say, ‘no’ to your little ones?