The things only really tired mums can relate to

Come on, we’ve all done at least one of these…

Things only really tired mums will understand

Tiredness can send you a little bit crazy, here are some things you could find yourself doing

The mad things tired mums do

  • Tired mums faux pas

Tired mum yawning

Functioning on little or no sleep is just part of being a mum and in the depths of exhaustion, mistakes are made, after all, we’re only human.

We list some of the maddest things mums do that can only be blamed on lack of shut eye. Recognise any of these?

1. Unusual contents of the fridge

Of course if you need milk or butter, you’ll find them in the fridge, but sleep deprived mums will find a lot more in there than they bargained for, the silver foil on occasions or even  the washing up liquid, yep, we’ve all done it!

2. Name confusion

When you’re tired, it’s hard to remember your own name, let alone your baby’s name, the dog’s name or for heaven’s sake your friends’ kids names. They all jumble into one and you will find yourself shouting at the dog but calling him by your baby’s name, or worse still, calling your friend by the dog’s name…ooops!

3. Outfit faux pas

You rush to the shops to get the essentials, only to get there and realise you have your PJs on under your coat…how did that happen?!

4. Saying the most ridiculous things

When you’re out chatting to other mums and you want to ask them something insightful to show interest in them and their kids but you end up asking how old her baby was when he was born! Huh?!

5. Coffee errors

You decide you’re so tired, only a strong cup of coffee can get you through the day, so you make yourself one, only to then realise you used gravy granules instead of coffee….yum!

The mad things tired mums do

  • Tired mums faux pas

The things only really tired mums can relate to