11 crazy questions only mums will ask

And yes, you will ask these!

Funny and mad questions only mums ask

Who hasn’t asked at least one of these mad questions?

11 crazy questions

  • …you ask now you’re a parent

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There’s no doubt that becoming a parent has you doing and saying things you never thought you’d ever do but somehow it gets you in the end.

We have a round-up of some of the craziest questions you will find yourself asking once you’re a parent…oh yes you will!

1. I wonder how long it takes to die from lack of sleep?

2. How can I have gone to uni and be stuck on this baby puzzle?

3. Is that chocolate or poo? (I won’t do a taste test to find out!)

4. What day is it? Actually, what month is it while we’re on the subject

5. I wonder if all mums lock themselves in the toilet for a moment of quiet?

6. How long can a child survive just eating pasta?

7. I can just top up the make up I didn’t take off last night can’t I?

8. Did I put a bra on this morning?

9. No one will notice I have odd shoes on, will they?

10. Have I got the energy to enforce this rule I set in place?

11. Does my partner really sleep that heavily or is he a better actor than I give him credit for?

11 crazy questions

  • …you ask now you’re a parent

11 crazy questions only mums will ask