Say no to kids without using the word ‘no’

No one wants to be that parent who continually moans at her children and being the one saying ‘no’…try these tricks instead

How to say no to toddlers without actually saying no

Avoid the negativity and find ways to tell your little one no in cleverer ways

Say no to kids 474

We’ve all been there, literally repeating ourselves and sick of our own voices saying ‘no’ to little ones. Well if you’re sick of your own voice and the negativity coming out, there are some clever ways of saying no to them without actually saying no.

So next time your little ones ask you ‘can I paint a picture on the wall?’ or ‘can I wear my pyjamas to the shops?’ Try some of these handy phrases.

1. What do you think the answer is?

A great response to those utterly ridiculous questions such as ‘can I paint the dog?’
They should know what response they were going to get so an easy way round the word ‘no’.

2. Why don’t we go and ….

Have some activities ready up your sleeve so if you are asked something you can’t allow, you have an interesting alternative ready to go.

3. This isn't yours; let's find yours

When they’re about to delve into your make up bag or rundown the last bit of battery on your iPad, this is a good response to still let them do what they want to do without all that negativity. 

4. That would be nice, but we just can’t today

Handy to throw them off the scent of a trip to the zoo but careful as you use it as your little one WILL remember you saying it. Definitely do not use this one if they ask to visit the moon!

5. Say no to the dangerous part, but yes to the activity

If they are excited to ride their bike, but are wanting to at home, say they can’t ride it at home but arrange to go to the park in the near future when they can ride it.

6. Tell me more

This is a good way to get more information out of them. If you want to go to the park because they want to go on the swing and slide, once you explain they won’t be able to as it will all be too wet it may help them accept the decision better.

7. That just won’t work

When your little one tries to stick a feather to their water bottle, this phrase may come in handy. No sugar coating, just a straight forward, it’s not going to work.

8. Is there something else we could try?

Oozing positivity this phrase will help you out of shouting, ‘No! Stop that!’

9. I can’t let you

Particularly when your child is trying to do something that is unsafe like climb a tree jumping from the 10th step, you just can’t let them do it.

Say no to kids without using the word ‘no’