The importance of the mum friend

No one gets what being a mum is about other than mums, that's why we need our mum friends

Why we need our mum friends

Mum friends are such an important part of your life as a mum, and here's why

Mum friends chatting

Being a parent is great - most of the time - but it can also be stressful and, dare we say, a little lonely at times. It’s vital to have our gal pals - and not just the pre-children ones we used to go clubbing with until dawn. 

Having friends who are also mothers can make a bad day so much more bearable because they ‘get it’. Share the moans, groans and proud moments and relish in the fact you will never be judged because there’s always someone doing a worse job than you!

1. All in the same boat: As mums, it can sometimes feel like we are simply unpaid dogsbodies, taxi drivers, meal planners and general skivvies! Having friends who are also mothers means that we can share the load.

2. Keeping company: Parenting can be a lonely business - even when we are rushed off our feet. Baby rhyme time at the local toddler group may not sound too exciting but it’s a great way of getting out of the house and may lead to lifetime friendships.

3. Having some ‘me’ time: Once kids come, we sometimes lose a bit of our identity but retaining some ‘me’ time is important. You may no longer get to soak in the bath for hours on end - or even get to go to the toilet solo - but you can sit and have a cuppa and a natter as the kids play. Or, if it’s a Friday, maybe even a glass of wine...

4. Advice: Having friends who are mums means there is a constant stream of tips and advice. We may have different parenting techniques but if you have questions on how to toilet train a stubborn toddler or get a faddy 5-year-old to eat his greens, one of your mum friends is bound to be able to help.

5. Mum friends ‘just get it’: We all have our bad days and there’s nothing like venting with a mum friend. We all need to blow off steam and there’s nothing better than doing it with someone who understands where we’re coming from.

6. Nothing’s off limits: We can say what we like with our ‘mum friends’ - green poo, cracked nipples, kids getting sick in our beds - no subject is too gross to tackle because we’ve all been there!

The importance of the mum friend