10 things only a mum truly understands about life with kids

Try explaining some of these to your friends who don’t yet have kids…they won’t get it!

10 things friends without kids won’t get

Unless you have kids, you cannot truly understand these 10 normal daily events

10 things…

  • …your friends without kids just won’t get

Toddler taking up all the bed

Some of us have those friends who don’t have children and just don’t always get what it’s all about. You know the ones, the girlfriends who always look immaculate, perfect nails, beautifully tidy home and rarely complain of being so exhausted they don’t know what day is.

So trying to explain any of the below is just wasted on them, tell another mum and they will know exactly what you mean!

1. Personal space doesn’t exist

Trying to explain to a toddler about respecting your personal space is futile, which is why every time you sit on the sofa you probably have a little body on your lap, another foot by your ear and the ever annoying elbow digging into your ribs, not exactly relaxing.

2. Never getting to pee alone

You cannot remember the last time you went into the toilet and managed to go without a little head popping their head round the door because they have something so important to tell you that just can’t wait for you to finish peeing, or because they just missed you! 

3. Your music in the car is somewhat repetitive…

‘Let It Go, Let It Go….if it keeps them quiet and happy in the car you’ll listen to it on loop for the 13th time….

4. When you find something brown on you…

And you don’t know whether it’s chocolate or poo! Only a mum can relate to that one!

5. The dividing of the bed

Not so bad when your children are young as cots have sides which help prevent escapees in the middle of the night, but once those sides are gone, you may often find yourself waking up in the morning hanging out one side of your bed, your partner hanging out the other side and a toddler doing a great impression of a star fish in the middle of the bed.

6. The reason the whole family leaves home with a spare pair of clothes

It’s one thing taking spare clothes for the baby but also pretty important to have spare clothes for yourselves as projectile vomit moments and unexpected nappy explosions can see you reaching for the spare clothes as often.

7. Why colouring is a fully supervised event

Because if it isn’t you will find newly decorated walls, expensive furniture and quite often newly decorated children!

8. Lego pieces and tiny cars turn up everywhere

In fact any toy that consists of small pieces will turn up in your handbag, the fridge, the bath, anywhere and everywhere, except in the nice toy box you bought to store it all in.

9. Personal grooming is limited to say the least

There was a time when you would always have perfect nails or hair etc. Now you don’t quite have as often to get to the salon (that’s an understatement!) and even when you attempt to find a few minutes to paint your nails, you can even find you’ve not had time to complete a whole hand! Maybe time to start a new trend of partially painted nails. (Maybe not!)

10. You never seem to have toilet roll 

Even though you are constantly buying toilet roll, you continually find none in there when you need it the most! Why? Toddlers love a game of run round the house pulling the toilet roll behind them seeing how far they can get. Great.

10 things…

  • …your friends without kids just won’t get

10 things only a mum truly understands about life with kids