Meeting other mums

Having a baby turns your whole world upside down, and there is no one in the world who gets what you're going through more than other mums

How to make new mum friends in your area

Mum friends are so important when you have little ones, here are some tips on how to meet other mums like you

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However close your group of friends, chances are you will have babies at different time and friends without children just won’t ‘get’ what you’re going through.

Bring in the mum friends. Other mums who have babies or toddlers similar age to yours are essential for understanding your everyday concerns, empathising about lack of sleep and generally supporting you through this new adventure.

Here are our tips on how to meet mum friends. 

Get out there and socialise

Friends aren’t going to come and find you, you need to get out and try baby classes or toddler groups, there’s often baby activity classes listed locally on parenting websites so make the time to try a couple as you are bound to meet other mums with little ones of a similar age.

Be brave and chat

It’s never easy when you’re the newbie and it may feel like everyone knows each other already. But pluck up the courage to chat to other mums, if there’s one thing that can get a conversation off the ground it’s babies and making a quick reference to “I love your baby’s outfit” is a sure fire way to get a great conversation going. Give yourself some practice when you're waiting in the GP surgery or health visitor clinic. It never hurts to strike up a conversation with a like-minded mum when you wait.

Follow up

If you’ve found yourself chatting to one or two and can see that a friendship could form, make the effort to follow up and ask them if they will be at the class next week or put yourself out there and suggest swapping numbers. It might sound a little cringy but if you do get on it’s worth making the first move.

Offer an open house

It needn't be a major hosting even but a quick what's app message to a mummy group[ to say your having a drop-in-whenever-you-like coffee and cake morning will have like-minded mums flocking to yours.


Helping out at a baby group with refreshments or setting stuff out can also give you the opportunity to break the ice with other mums without having to make the commitment to meet up. Ask the organiser if you can help out for a few sessions. 

Join a network

You can always join a local parenting network and meet friends that way. Not dissimilar to internet dating, but this can be a great way to ask parenting questions you have get mums chatting and helping you and may even end up with a friend or two out of it.

Bring a friend

Make a date for coffee with a new friend and suggest you each bring someone else along. A 'plus one' helps create an easier vibe and takes away any awkwardness.

Play nice

When you have found your feet in a group remember how nervous you were once and make an effort to be welcoming to other new mums at their first visit.

Meeting other mums