The mad acts of a tired mum

Real tiredness can make you do the craziest things, any of these sound familiar?

The truth about mums’ mad behaviour when sleep deprived

Sleep deprivation can have you doing the craziest things, like these…

Mum holding clock yawning

Let’s face it, the early years of parenting involve a fair amount of shut eye loss. In fact, you may even forget what a full night’s sleep is like.

Tiredness can affect people in different ways. Some suffer with slanger where as others seem to lose the ability to function day to day, or that’s what it can feel like anyway.

Any of the below sound familiar?

1. The name game

It won’t matter who you are talking to, you are incapable of getting their name right. You will frequently find yourself calling your friends by the kids names, even your other half by the dog’s name…ooops!

2. General language mess ups

Nothing comes out right. You kind of know what you’re trying to say in your head but it all comes out a bit wrong. Like, when your baby needs a clean nappy, “The dog needs changing” or you’re chatting to another mum and ask: “So how old was your baby when he was born?” What? 

3. Tidying blunders

You muster up enough energy to whizz around the kitchen for a quick tidy up, but later you go on a hunt for the kitchen foil but it’s not in any of the usual places. Where is it? Then you finally find it, in the fridge. Of course.

4. Forgetting everything

The easiest of things you’ve known since you could talk seem to leave you with a massive blank in your mind. As simple as who is that person you take baby too if they are ill? What are they called? They give medicine if you are unwell…the name is just wiped from your mind. 

5. Washing nightmares

How difficult can it be to put a load of washing on? It’s basic, you’ve been doing it for years. Not so easy when you are hugely sleep deprived though. Remembering to get it in the machine is one thing, but remembering the washing powder, to  press the start button and to get it out when finished is just all too much.

The mad acts of a tired mum