The irony of being a parent

Some teeny tiny ironies parents’ experience

The irony of parenting

Sound familiar? What would you add?

The irony of parenting

  • Sound familiar?

Toddler screaming in trolley

Isn’t it Ironic? As Alanis Morisette once said, and a little irony certainly creeps into parenting. We take a look at some little ironies that many parents experience once in a while.

1. The sleeping in the car thing…

Doesn’t matter how well you plan a long trip in the car, your child will never sleep. Even if you keep them up all day and set off in the car at bedtime, they will stay awake with a repetitive rendition of ‘are we there yet?’ the entire way. But pop to the shops for a few essentials just before dinner time, and your little one will fall into their deepest sleep ever, despite you reciting,  ‘don’t fall asleep now!’

2. The biggest thing of the year never happens, because…

If you have one date in your diary that is a must, maybe your favourite ever popstar is in town for one night only, or the business meeting that could be the turning point in your career you’ve been waiting years for, you can absolutely guarantee your little one will come down with chicken pox and can’t possibly be left for a minute.

3. To buggy or not to buggy

This is a common parent dilemma that you debate daily with a toddler. Should I take it in case he wants to sit in it? What if it rains? But I don’t want to be stuck with an empty buggy all day and chasing a toddler. Rest assured, whichever you decide, you will end up wishing you had done the other.

4. The supermarket scream

Guaranteed during your supermarket shop, your little one will scream at the top of his lungs for his dummy and it will be the only time you can’t find one anywhere in your bag.

5. The missing baby bag

The one time you leave your house without the baby bag and figure your little one is old enough to last an hour or two without a nappy change or change of clothes will be the one day he has an explosive nappy that covers his entire outfit and is probably sick too to ensure he is completely covered!

6. Nailing the bedtime routine

The one night your bedtime routine goes without a hitch and your little one is sound asleep the exact time you aimed for, this is inevitably the night you will have the most disturbed sleep of your entire life, whether it is because he wakes and refuses to settle the rest of the night or your neighbours decide to have an all-night party. Typical.

The irony of parenting

  • Sound familiar?

The irony of being a parent