Things you will learn in first year of parenting

It’s a learning curve, you will come across these things in year one of parenting

What you will learn in year one of parenting

Recognise any of these? You soon will!

What you will learn in your first year

  • First year of parenting: What to know

Mum with young baby

There is no bigger learning curve in your life than your first year as a mum. It doesn’t matter what you are told by other parents before you have your baby, or even what you learn from the many parenting books out there, the first year as a parent is the biggest eye opener.

Here are a few things we learned in the first year.

1. Always be on red alert at nappy changing time

When changing a nappy, always, always have a towel handy and millions of wipes in case your little one decides to wee or poo as the nappy is removed, this happens A LOT.

2. Prepare for the carnage that is weaning

Once your little one starts on solids, be prepared that you will find mashed up banana EVERYWHERE! Even in places you didn’t dream possible, down the walls, ceiling, even in the dog’s fur, it is possibly the messiest time you will ever experience.

3. You must have friends with kids

If you are the first in your friendship group to have a baby, ensure you go out and actively search for a friend with a baby, as much as they will try, friends without children just won’t understand what you are going through, and you need someone around you who does.

4. Ignore other baby’s milestones

As important as it is to have friends with babies, do not get hung up by their tales of how early their babies have reached important milestones. Easier said than done, but do try and remember, every baby is different, and as much as you hold your little one’s hands to encourage him to start walking, he will walk when he is ready.

5. Do not spend your life savings on expensive baby toys

You may think that your little one will just love the latest £75 offering from ELC, but give your baby a saucepan and wooden spoons to play with and you will see they have just as much fun!

6. Baby wipes are your new best friend

Never, ever go anywhere without a pack of baby wipes, they solve every messy situation, you will rely on them for years to come.

7. Accept you cannot protect your baby from every germ

As much as you will sterilise everything that goes anywhere near your newborn, remember that once they start teething, anything they can get their hands on will go in their mouth. Every toy, your mobile phone, TV remote, you cannot keep on top of sterilising everything.

What you will learn in your first year

  • First year of parenting: What to know

Things you will learn in first year of parenting