The lazy Sunday has gone

And manic Sundays with kids are here

How has your Sunday changed since having kids?

Recognise any of these changes?

How Sundays change

  • …once you have kids

Sundays with kids

Ah Sundays, the day of rest to kick back and enjoy the quiet day as it was intended. Oh wait, hang on, I have kids now.

We know a lot changes when you have children, and one of the biggest is how you spend your Sunday. Here’s our take on how Sundays have changed from before kids (BK) to after kids (AK).

BK: Dozily open your eyes glance at the alarm clock, realise it’s 7am but it’s Sunday so you can go back to sleep! The best feeling!

AK: Alarm clock? Who needs one of them, the kids have been jumping on you since 5am asking if it’s time to get up yet. 

BK: As you start to wake around 10am, you send your other half downstairs to make a cup of tea and piece of toast to bring up to you in bed….heaven…

AK: By 10am you would already have been dragged up to make breakfast around 6am, by 10am the little monkeys are asking for lunch!

BK: The Sunday papers, a weekend classic, browse through the papers as you sip your tea while snuggly sitting up in bed.

AK: As the kids bounce on you for the 100th time, your Sunday papers are ripped to shreds and their ink covered hand prints are appearing all over your walls and doors. Brilliant. 

BK: You may decide to take a leisurely Sunday morning stroll for some fresh air.

AK: Chase the kids round the streets trying to stop them running into the roads, and then carrying them home because they refuse to walk anymore. Not what you would call a leisurely walk.

BK: Sunday lunch, the central point of your Sunday, perfect roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and gravy…lovely.

AF: Kids too hungry to wait for your lovely roast dinner, so you end up feeding them earlier, only to then realise while you’re sorting them out, you’ve taken your eye off the ball and your roast potatoes look like they’ve been cremated!

BK: Snuggle on the sofa and watch a nice afternoon movie.

AK: Sit through the 46th episode of Peppa Pig, in a row.

How Sundays change

  • …once you have kids

The lazy Sunday has gone