Time saving tips all mums need

All mums: You need these handy tips to help you stay sane

Sanity saving tips for mums

The tips to help mums stay sane and survive

Sanity savers for mums 474

No one said being a mum was going to be easy.  Being a mum can be manic, tiring and full-on so fear not as these easy sanity savers can help you get through those tough days so you can reduce stress and stay sane.

1. Music of your youth
Certain songs that whisk you back to your young, free and single days are a great little boost for your mood when a hard day is taking its toll on your sanity. Whether a hard hitting power ballad or a dose of 90s nostalgia, whatever you love, stick it on, turn it up and sing along.

2. A quick cat nap
OK, it may sound impossible, but when your little one is down for a nap just switch off for a few minutes and catch some well-earned Zzzzs or just close your eyes and focus on your breathing as quiet wakefullness can do much the same as a nap.

3. Coffee/caffeine
Coffee is often a great pick me up when your energy levels are low, just take 5, sit down and purposefully enjoy a well-deserved break whilst it’s hot, after all, you’re entitled to a coffee break at work so why not mke timeat home too.

4. Call a friend
There’s nothing like a quick rant with a mum friend who knows exactly what you’re going through to blow the cobwebs away and a quick chat and laugh can do wonders for recharging your sanity.

5. Take a trip out alone

Seriously, even if it’s only to the supermarket or popping out to post a letter, getting a few minutes out of the house while the kids are with dad or a friend, can really help you feel refreshed and back in the game again.

6. Trashy mag
For a little escapism, grab a trashy mag and indulge in the life of the latest celeb gossip to melt your stresses away.

7. A bath in a locked bathroom
As soon as your partner is home, disappear off to the bathroom, run a hot, bubbly bath to relax. And most importantly, LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR, you don’t want little visitors while you’re trying to unwind!
8. Eat chocolate
It’s been shown to lower blood pressure, and dark chocolate is packed with powerful antioxidents so no need to feel guilty when it can improve even the worst moods.

Time saving tips all mums need