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5 Games to encourage baby talk

Some fun game ideas that help encourage your baby to start talking

Games that help teach your baby to speak

Encourage your little one with their first words with these fun games

Games to encourage talking 474

Babies love to play and playtime is a great time for you to bond with your little one, but there are some games that can encourage your baby’s first words. Take a look.

1. Bubble time

Every baby loves bubbles, so while they’re fascinated watching the bubbles rise and then pop say “pop pop pop” as they do to encourage your little one to try and copy. If they try and copy you, then ask them: “more?” to see if they try and copy to enjoy even more bubble time.

2. Clapping games

Start with clapping songs such as Pat A Cake or Wind the Bobbin Up to show your little one how to clap along. Try sitting behind your baby and move their hands in a clapping position, but they will very quickly pick it up.

3. Cuddly toy peek-a-boo. 

Once your little one can sit up on their own, have them sit facing the sofa and you hide behind it with a variety of their favourite soft toys. Pop them up and say “Peek-a-boo!” Little ones love it and the more they do it, the more likely they are to start to call for certain toys by name.

4. Bedtime story 

The bedtime story is a must. You can start a bedtime story routine as early as possible as books are such an important part of your little one’s language development.
Books with a repetitive catchphrase and lots of vowel sounds that will appeal to a young baby’s ear are a great choice. 

5. Just sing

Familiar children’s songs are always great for encouraging early language and particularly action songs or songs with hand gestures have the best effect. When you are singing take it slow and encourage them to join in. Stress and repeat words and praise their efforts when they join in.

5 Games to encourage baby talk