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Mum and baby classes: What mums really think about them

Many mums do try out mum and baby classes at some point, here’s what mums really think of them

What do mums really think about mum and baby classes?

Mum and baby classes are available all over, what are mums’ thoughts on them?

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Mum and baby classes are a great way to pass a few hours with your little one and ideal for bonding time too.  If you’re a mum who attends mum and baby classes, we bet these thoughts have crossed your mind once or twice. 

1. Only 10 minutes late, result!

A few years ago you may have been mortified turning up anywhere 10 minutes late, but now just getting out the house feels like a full time job with your little one in tow, arriving anywhere only minutes late feels like a result.

2. How do all these mums manage a beauty regime in the morning? 

It may not be literally the case for ever mum there, but seeing as you didn’t even manage to get a hair brush through your hair before getting out the house, it appears everyone else did, and some much more! How do they all manage to look so well turned out and fully made up?

3. Not this song again

Why oh why do the same songs have to be repeated at every session? Can’t someone suggest they mix it up a bit…because ‘Wind the Bobbin UP’ really is winding me up! 

4. How do I know all the babies’ names, but none of the mums? 

So this is the third week on the trot you have a good old chat with little Emily’s mum. You know all about little Emily’s, likes, dislikes, sleep routine and what her mum did for a job before she had Emily, but why is it that you have absolutely not an inkling what her mum’s name is? And know that is really is too late to ask.

5. Maybe this week my little one will sit still in circle time

It probably isn’t the case, but feels like every week when the little ones are encouraged to sit round for circle time, everyone of them does it other than yours. Could this week be different?

6. What’s my baby eating? 

The balls in the ball pit, the tambourine, some other child’s banana, you name it it’s in their mouth. Doesn’t matter if it’s been on the floor, trodden on by another mum, been in five other kids mouths, let’s just hope this all builds their immune system.

7. Yawn? Right let’s go! 

Let’s face it one of the benefits of being there is to keep your little one entertained and ideally tire them out ready for a nice long nap when you get home…so as soon as you see a yawn, get going and ready for that nap, you both deserve it!

Mum and baby classes: What mums really think about them