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Tips to help shy babies

We look at ways to help shy babies open up

Shy babies: Ideas that can help

If you have a shy baby, you want to read on about ways to help

Tips to help shy babies 474

If you’ve noticed your little one is showing traits of timidness, you want to read on and see these helpful tips for shy babies.
It’s worth noting that babies are born social even in their early weeks so there’s certainly plenty you can do to encourage this side of them to come out more and more.

1. Have a 2-way conversation from the off

Sounds a bit mad as your baby is miles off speaking their first word but you can still have a conversation. Without using words, if you converse with your baby using the sounds they use, it encourages them from an early age to communicate and that it’s normal for others to interact them and helps them get used to it.

2. Let your baby lead the way

It’s important to understand your baby’s ways and what they are comfortable with and what they’re not. For example, some babies are happy to be passed to new people and that’s great to encourage if they do. However, some are naturally more wary of being passed to strangers so acknowledge this if it’s the case and take things more at their pace. Perhaps encourage the person to interact with your baby by playing with a toy with them or smiling and tickling them while they’re still in the comfort of their parent’s arms.

3. Gradually introduce to others

If your baby is a bit wary, perhaps introduce them to new people gradually, one or two at a time so it’s not overwhelming for them in a room full of people they don’t recognise.

4. Start with older children

If anyone is going to bring out the social side of your baby it’s an older child. All children are fascinated by children older than them so that’s a great place to start.

5. Make socialising ‘normal’

Always encourage your baby to greet others, even if it’s only your partner coming home, go up to the door and encourage them to wave or smile to greet the other person. 

Here are some other things you can try to help your little one get over shyness:
Don’t just leave your little one in social situations, like a playgroup or parents’ group, stay with them but encourage them to explore their surroundings. As they become more comfortable you can gradually move away a bit at a time. Just be close enough to step in should they start to get upset, you want it to be a positive experience for him.

Don’t over-comfort them as it may come across that you’re warning them to be aware and that they are actually in a scary situation and make them fearful.
Praise ‘brave’ behaviour like using eye contact, or venturing a little away from you. Be really clear with them so they know exactly what you are praising them for. 

Show them how it’s done, let them see that if someone says hello to you you always say hello back.

If people refer to your little one as ‘shy’, gently correct them so your child hears you say ‘they just take a while to get comfortable.’

Tips to help shy babies