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When do babies start playing with their feet?

We help you understand when to expect your baby to discover their feet

Playing with feet: When does this baby milestone begin?

One of the cutest things you’ll see your baby do is play with their feet, when can you expect this?

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There’s nothing cuter than your baby playing with their feet and particularly trying to get them in their mouth. We take a look at when babies might reach this milestone of finding their feet.

At what age do baby’s ‘find their feet’?

From as young as 4 months old right up to 8 months old is usually when babies discover their feet. Babies often feel their feet before they can even see them. Once they feel them they usually try to eat them! A great past time for little ones. Toe tasting is actually soothing and very satisfying for babies. As with many of these milestones, don't worry if your baby doesn’t do it, not all do. 

Your baby’s hands aren't very coordinated yet, but they are beginning to learn more about the objects around them. So everything they come across when exploring the world around them will often see things going into their mouth — this is often how their feet end up in their mouths, once they’ve found them.

How can I encourage my little one to find their feet?

A baby gym is always a great way to help babies discover new things with their hands and feet but you can also encourage them by using the wrist rattle toys round their wrists or ankles so every time they move they hear a sound to help them find their feet all the sooner.

Be warned, once they find their feet they’ll soon find fun in pulling their socks off. This is the stage when you realise why other mums rave about GAP baby socks and sock-ons – clever little things that do exactly what they say and keep baby socks on! These little “sock carers” pop over the top of baby’s usual socks to keep them firmly in place no matter how hard your baby kicks and tugs.

When do babies start playing with their feet?