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Play ideas for your 11 month old

Playtime fun for your 11 month old that will help them learn at the same time

11 months old: Play ideas

Playing and learning ideas ideal for your 11 month old

11 month old play

Your 11 month old may well now be showing developments in these areas:

Starting to stand without the help of furniture

Know that small objects can fit in bigger ones

Social and emotional
Their babble starting to mimic real words

You may also notice that your 11 month old can understands the word "no" but they may not always adhere to it, but they can now respond to one or two commands.

Games and toys that will help them learn even more

Eye-hand co-ordination games

Lay pieces of a game out on the floor, with the biggest piece at one end and the smallest at the other. Tell your little one which is the “biggest” and which is the “smallest”.

Phone chats

Encourage your baby's language development and early "conversations" by pretending to phone them.

Your baby will love to press the buttons and hear the sounds over and over again, so let them. These games are fun and help to cement in their mind that their actions are responsible for other things happening.

Toys to teach walking

Swings are a great source of fun for little ones and encourage movement, back and forth.

Explain to your little one what happens on the swing. “You're swinging back and forth” this is good to encourage number understand as you can count out loud the number of times baby goes back and forth.

Musical fun

Encourage your little one to play with a musical toy independently. Be on hand to help if they get stuck but encourage independence: "You can do it … try it."
Make up songs together and make a sound with the toy and encourage your baby to mimic you. 

Adding to this you can clap or sing along and maybe both play along on different instruments. These "I can" play activities are a great way to promote your baby’s memory bank and boost self-confidence.

Play ideas for your 11 month old