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5 Tummy time tips for tiny babies

It’s never too early to start tummy time, here’s our newborn tummy time tips

Tummy time starter tips

Babies from newborn can benefit from tummy time, so here are our handy tips

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The time baby spends on their tummy while they’re awake is so beneficial for their development. Here’s our handy guide to tummy time for tiny babies.

1. Tummy time on your chest/tummy

A great way to combine baby tummy time with bonding with your little one. Also a good idea if your baby isn’t comfortable yet laying on their tummy on a mat yet. At least on you, you can adjust if they are not quite comfortable to flat. Get comfy, get baby comfy and enjoy some tummy time while you bond.

2. Baby lies over a rolled-up towel with arms over the towel

Simply place your baby’s arms over the rolled-up towel helps make tummy time easier and happier for baby. You can place a toy, book, mirror, or even another person in front of them to make this position more interactive. 

3. Lie baby tummy down/sideways on your arm

It’s important to do this gradually and ensure you have a good angle to protect baby from falling. On one forearm between baby’s legs up to the chest area, and then bring the other forearm down between the shoulder and ear that are closest to your own body. It may help to picture what it would be like to hold your baby horizontal with their back to you, and then “roll” them forward to their tummy while still holding them in the air. 

4. Baby lies on exercise ball or big pillow

This idea can really work as the angle is easily adjustable to suit baby. You can slowly roll them forward and backward, making sure you have a good grip and that your baby seems comfortable with the movement. If you can place yourself where your baby can see you, it’s easier for them to interact with you.

5. Baby lies across adult’s legs

Lie baby across your legs while supporting their head (which gets turned to the side), rubbing or patting their back. 
Try some of these out and take your baby’s cues on what feels comfortable for them.

5 Tummy time tips for tiny babies