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When do babies learn what no means?

Understanding ‘no’ means you can start teaching your little ones, but when are they aware?

When do little ones understand the word ‘no’?

At what stage do babies start to understand what ‘no’ means?

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Your baby’s early years are full of firsts, first smiles, first teeth, first words. Another not so common first is when does your baby begin to understand the word ‘no’?

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At the age of nine months some babies may start to recognise what you mean when you say ‘no’ to them. As with every baby milestone, it’s different for every baby. Even if your baby does seem to recognise when you say no at this age, it doesn’t mean they will understand it every time and you will probably find it still takes a fair few reminders. 

How do I avoid saying ‘no’ too often?

As much as you want your baby to understand when you say ‘no’, if you feel you are using the word too often there are some other things you can try.

Try distracting your baby if they are doing something they shouldn’t. If they are pulling the cat’s tail for example, pick your baby up and move them and try and engage them playing with a toy.

If you have to say no, say it in a low, serious tone but then lift your voice with a positive tone when engaging them in what they should be doing.

Try and avoid letting them get into the situations that causes you to say no too often as you don’t want to over-use saying it. 

Try to never laugh at their unwanted behaviour as it sends mixed signals to your little one. 

How do I handle my child biting?

If your baby keeps biting, immediately place them on the floor so that they associate biting with being put down away from you.

Saying ‘ow’ doesn’t work with young babies as they don’t understand that it means something hurts, and don’t understand that biting hurts you.

Say ‘no bite’ and hold their lips together when they do it to try and deter them from doing it again.

If you have a toddler who bites a lot, be positive when they don’t bite. Give them lots of hugs, kisses and praise to associated positivity with not biting.

When do babies learn what no means?