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Jokes your baby will find funny

Make your baby laugh with these jokes

May not be your sense of humour, but these jokes will have your baby belly laughing

Jokes your baby will find funny 474

There’s no doubt that when you first hear your baby giggle you will want to hear it again and again. So we’ve put together some great jokes that are sure to get a full on belly laugh from your little one!

3 months old

Try: Songs with actions
Your little one will take great pleasure in trying to mimic what you are doing. Science tells us that special ‘mirror neuron’ brain cells hard-wire your newborn to imitate your actions, so they’ll unconsciously return your smile and soon mimic your bursts of laughter. They’ll also find it amusing as you are acting differently to how you usually do which will tickle them. 

6 months old

Try: Immitating animals

It’s all about the clowning around, and you acting silly jumping around like a chimp and trying to make the noise they make. Your 6-month-old will love it. The stranger you behave, the closer your baby will study you for emotional cues (a behaviour called social referencing) to see that you're playing around. Smile and laugh while you’re doing it so your little one recognises you’re having fun.

8 months old

Try: Blowing raspberries

Your baby is bound to laugh and giggle and it’s the beginning of back and forth conversations. Siblings love to blow raspberries back and forth to each other too.

9 months old

Try: Putting a hat on your feet or shoe on your head

By 9 months, babies can recognise if something is silly, so seeing you put their bobble hat on your foot or a shoe on your head will have them in hysterics. Simple but effective.

12 months old

Try: Meowing like the cat

Making animal sounds are comedy gold to a 12-month-old. They are less reliant on you to tell them something’s funny now, they will start to determine what they find funny. But just a sound they don’t normally hear will have them rolling about laughing every time.

Keep your little one laughing but always pointing out something funny, a dog in a funny jumper or people pulling funny faces, it will all help your little one to learn to appreciate the importance of laughter.

Jokes your baby will find funny