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What are baby growth spurts

And what are the signs that your baby is going through one

Your little one is growing and changing every day and you’ll notice teeny tiny developments.

However, there are some points in their new little lives where they really grow and in the baby world we call these times ‘growth spurts’.

Baby boy

During these, your baby will put on weight, grow in length and increase their little head circumference.

You may also notice their mental and developmental skills improve – rolling and smiling may suddenly come very easy to them – these are called developmental spurts and may happen around the same time as a growth spurt.

Here’s everything you need to know about growth spurts, from the signs to when you can expect to see one!

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Signs my baby is having a growth spurt

Every baby is different so will react differently to this change in their lives. However, some of the most common signs are:

  • Feeding more often – you may find you baby is breastfeeding more often  or is still hungry after a bottle feed.
  • Grumpy – has your baby gone from being happy and smiley to grumpy and clingy? It could be a sign of a growth spurt and developmental leap. Some scientists believe that babies go through ‘patches’ during their little lives Some weeks they may be in ‘the sun’ where they are content and happy but when a growth spurt occurs they are in ‘the dark clouds’ making them unsettled. No-one really knows why these spurts cause such a change in babies but it may just  be down to your baby feeling tired or overwhelmed as she devotes her energy to feeding and growing.
  • Up all night or sleepy – A growth spurt is a big thing for a little baby and you may find them being unsettled and hungry causes your baby to wake up more during the night. Other times it may go the other way and that growth could tire them out so much they need to sleep more!

When can I expect to see a growth spurt?

As we always say, each and every baby is different. However, it’s thought that your baby will go through a growth spurt at around,

How can I tell if my baby has had a growth spurt?

Little vest getting too tight or an extra little roll on their cute chubby little knee? These could be signs your little one has had a spurt.

However, the best way to tell is to get them weighed and checked out by a health visitor.

Is it a growth spurt or should I be concerned?

If your baby is displaying the above signs at around the times when a spurt should be happening, chances are they are just growing.

However, if these signs last longer than a few days or you feel your little one is more distressed or much sleepier than usual then it’s always best to get them checked out.

What are baby growth spurts