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Baby walkers need-to-knows

What you need to know about baby walkers

The lowdown on baby walkers

Baby walkers can be a really handy piece of kit, here’s what you need to know about them

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Baby walkers are a common choice for little ones to move around before they can walk. We take a look at what you need to know about walkers.

Baby walkers are a great way for active babies to start exploring the world around them. Many come with toys built-in, music and lights – so they are great fun. 

As handy as they are, it’s not advisable for little ones to spend more than 30 minutes at a time in them.

Myths surrounding baby walkers

Myth: It’s safe to place my baby in a walker for a few minutes.

Truth: Under your supervision at all times, your baby can enjoy time in a walker, but it does give them a greater chance to reach hazards around the home so it’s essential you monitor them all the time.

Myth: A baby walker can help my baby to learn to walk.

Truth: There is no evidence to suggest a baby walker can help your baby to walk, after all the walker is supporting them rather than them learning to support themselves on their feet.

Myth: Using a baby walker will strengthen my baby’s legs.

Truth: Baby walkers don’t necessarily encourage the right weight distribution on the hips and knees which is why only 30 minutes at a time in a walker is recommended.

If you are in doubt about using a walker for your little one, you could think about a stationary play station which lets your little one get a different view of the world around, rather than being able to move around independently.

Baby walkers need-to-knows