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Your baby’s first haircut: What you need to know

Helpful tips on what to expect from taking your baby for their first haircut

Baby’s first haircut: A stress free guide

Our guide is here to help you take the stress out taking your baby for their first haircut

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Whether your baby was born with lots of hair or barely a hair on their head, eventually the time comes when you need to think about their first haircut. You might love getting your own hair cut as a glimpse of ‘me time’ but for babies who’ve never been for a haircut it can be a bit harrowing so check out our stress-free guide to getting that first haircut.

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When will my baby need their first haircut?

It depends on how quickly their hair grows and of course, your personal preference. Babies born with a lot of hair that grows quickly and starts getting in their eyes may need their first cut in their first year. Others who don’t have hair so quickly may not need their first cut until the age of about 2 years. Worth bearing in mind that some mums say that trimming super-fine, wispy baby hair can make it appear thicker.

It’s all in the preparation

A stranger coming at you with a pair of scissors can be a scary prospect for unsuspecting little ones. So if you can give your little one a chance to see you or a family member get their hair cut. Avoid using the word cut, use ‘trim’ or ‘snip’ instead. Also give your little one a pretend haircut when they’re in the bath, you may even find a storybook about going for a haircut.

How do I help my baby stay still for a haircut?

Some may be happy sitting still simply staring at their reflection in the mirror and take it all in their stride. For those not so sure about being sat in a chair and a pair of sharp scissors heading their way, try some distraction techniques.

An iPad:
A common first distraction tool for many little ones today. To take their mind of what’s happening, put on their favourite programme on the iPad to give them something else to focus on.

Favourite toy: Another good distraction to help them focus on something else while their hair is cut.

A snack: Giving them a snack may help keep them occupied while they have their hair cut.

Make sure your little one isn’t tired or hungry when you plan a haircut, this will only add to their mood.

My baby gets really upset when trying to get their haircut, what can I do?

If you’ve tried to go to a salon or barbers for a haircut and your little one has got distressed, try either doing it yourself at home or finding a hairdresser who will come to your home. It may be the strange environment and strange people that has upset them, so being in the comfort of their own home may help.

If this doesn’t work, don’t force the issue, maybe leave it to another day and try again. 

Also, you may find that as they get older your child takes a new dislike to having their hair cut (sometimes right up until the age of 5 or 6). So if nothing you seem to do calms them, even for the shortest trims, leave it a good while. After all, long hair is always preferable to forcibly restraining a child and giving them a lasting

childhood fear.

Your baby’s first haircut: What you need to know